Survival Prayer conveys the wisdom behind the gathering of native foods by Haida people, laying it out carefully in a stream of exquisite images, perfectly placed. The film, attentive in a tender and respectful way to a tradition older than the Babylonian and Inca empires, gently frames a profound question: In the days ahead, when we’ll really need it, will the Haida’s wisdom still be available to us?”
– BARRY LOPEZ, Author of Arctic Dreams and Of Wolves and Men

"A wonderful film, and a moving portrait of a people struggling to keep their traditional hunting and gathering ways alive to inspire new generations of Haida men and women.”
– WADE DAVIS, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence

"Survival Prayer explores the power of food and nature to sustain a people. Rich with spectacular scenery of the North Pacific coastline and detailed descriptions of wild food gathering and preservation, this is a dreamlike film in which elders tell ancient tales describing how nature is tied to the nurturing of body and soul."

"An absolutely stunning piece of ethnographic filmmaking."
– BEN FOWLIE, Director of the Camden International Film Festival